This book was written for those considering a career in the various professions of International Development. It provides practical, down to earth information on what it means to work in overseas development. What exactly is International Development? What does one do who works in it? What are the required skills? What are the specialties and careers? How can one prepare? What organizations employ development professionals? What is the relationship of those organizations to donors and to host nations? The book explores research, design, contract and management processes and how cultures impact on them. It describes implementation approaches, host country views, professional challenges and cross cultural work by citing actual accounts, selected episodes, orientations and heart to heart conversations. The author advises on useful policies, attitudes and practices in the various sectors. The book is an intriguing look at the field from top to bottom. Most importantly it speaks to the importance of approaches in this work and to the personal rewards of such a career.

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Copyright 2013, Donovan Russell
"Drawing on extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of development programs, Dr. Russell provides scenarios, questions and considerations for those interested in overseas development. His admonition that how we do something is as important as what we do - and that who we are as human beings, is the most important determinant of what we ultimately accomplish, is sound advice for this field. I strongly recommend this book."

Linda Pursely, PhD, Director of Assessment and Institutional Research, Lesley University

"Donovan Russell draws on decades of development experience around the world. His book is real, pertinent, relevant and most importantly sensitive to cultures. His immense popularity among host peoples and respect among colleagues is testimony to his sincerity and understanding."

Betty Toning, PhD, Executive Director, Right Sharing of World Resources
A Practical Guide to Working in the Professions of International Development